About Sader Aerospace

About Ben Campbell, Founder and Sole Proprietor

For many years, nothing has been more fascinating to me than the idea of working with and exploring space. At the same time, I’ve also been fascinated by the idea of making things and developing technologies for different applications. Throughout the last few years, I've been blessed to have been able to get hands-on experience working with aerospace and engineering education and work, and I want to use and share the skills and knowledge that I have in a manner that allows other people to grow as well.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville studying aerospace systems engineering, which I joined following undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering at Northwest Nazarene University. Through various opportunities since 2015, I have had a role in several space missions, launch campaigns, and research opportunities ranging anywhere from CubeSats, sounding rocket payloads, satellite constellations, and propulsion systems ranging from solid to nuclear thermal. Systems I have worked on have been delivered to the bottom of the Atlantic, the Karman Line, Low-Earth Orbit, the International Space Station, and (soon, with Artemis VII) the surface of the Moon.

About Sader Aerospace

Sader Aerospace is the alias under which I publicly develop and document my aerospace engineering work. Separate from my day jobs and education, I enjoy being able to try to teach what I know or offer relevant resources to help others developing their own projects. At its core, the work of Sader Aerospace is specifically focused on simplifying aerospace devices for experimental research, with the aim to help in the development of technology to the point at which almost any individual or small group can responsibly have the chance to learn or get their hands on aerospace technologies.

The main focus here is that I want to do what I can to get started providing a service to the world community, and help to extend the reach of humanity into the stars. Groups and people associated with the likes of NASA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, Rocket Lab, ULA, and many others are all working on their own practices and unique endeavors, each working as the individual 'fingers' of the hand of humanity reaching out into the cosmos, stringing out in their own directions. I’m focused however, on the collective 'palm' of that hand for humanity, trying to help bring everyone else up to follow along and enjoy what space has to offer.

The current endeavors of Sader Aerospace are fairly limited due to limited time, effort, and resources that can be dedicated to it aside from work and education, but there are multiple projects in the works, which include anything from launch vehicle avionics systems, modular spacecraft systems, and a suborbital technology demonstration mission currently planned for launch in 2024. Progress on each of these and others will be publicized when they are ready.

One thing I will add is that it’s taken rocket daddy Elon Musk almost 20 years to get to the point that he’s currently at with SpaceX, and that was done by a man who already had plenty of resources from other business ventures. I, on the other hand, am a college engineering student, working on this on the side outside of classes and work. So uhhhhh, yeah.

Looking to Hire?

If you're a potential employer and would like to see a portfolio of some of my publicly-discussable work, click the link below to be redirected to a Google Drive folder with relevant material