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Ben Campbell and Sader Aerospace News

UAH doctoral candidate receives Alabama Space Grant Consortium Fellowship

300 Mph Pepsi Launch

Launch of Eden 3

Message from Earth Onboard Orion via Callisto on Artemis I

Student Experiments Launched to Space on a NASA Suborbital Rocket

Students Rock’n with NASA on Suborbital Space Flight

UAH student-built payload goes to space

UAH students send payload to space, first in a decade

UAH students send payload to space, first time in almost 10 years

UAH student-built payload goes to space for the first time in almost a decade

A cutting-edge NTP rocket engine could one day be a ticket for NASA to go directly to deep space

‘Bubble-through’ nuclear engine might be a future NASA workhorse

NASA Launches a Student-Made Sounding Rocket From Wallops Flight Facility

Watch: NASA launches student prepared rocket at Wallops Flight Facility

University Students Prepare to ‘Rocket’ Experiments Into Space from NASA Wallops

3D Printing in Space

Shooting to Higher Orbit: SlingShot’s Flexible Launch Model Offers Affordable, Fast Path to LEO

NNU Engineering Student to Present Research on International Stage

SpaceX launch inspires Idaho student to start aerospace venture

SpaceX launch inspires local student

Cygnus departs space station, deploys CubeSats

2C to the stars: Nampa students launch satellite into orbit

Nampa student engineer heads to Russia to compete in WorldSkills competition

NNU student heads to World Skills Competition

Cygnus supply ship departs space station, begins extended mission

NNU students' satellite launches on SpaceX rocket to NASA's International Space Station

Northwest Nazarene University satellite now in orbit, sending data back to Nampa

NNU engineering student helps make NASA history

From Terra Firma to Outer Space, NNU Student Solves Problems

Once Launched in Space, MakerSat-0 Will Collect Data on 3D Printing Materials

Six highlights of 2017

Engineering team receives data from Idaho’s first satellite

Idaho's First Satellite Launches

Satellite designed by NNU students is launched into space

2nd attempt to launch Idaho's 1st satellite delayed

NNU students at watch party disappointed but optimistic after rocket launch delay

Idaho’s first satellite to be launched November 14

Students Creating Solutions: Summer Research 2017