Eden 3 Flight Computer Development Kit


This kit aims to help reduce the complexity of developing custom electronics for model rocketry. Many that are new to this hobby tend to fly prototypes of their systems that are based on breadboards or protoboards, often accompanied by a large, complicated mess of jumper wires scattered around the system. Most commercially available electronic prototyping materials are not designed specifically for usage in rocketry, so options are sometimes limited when trying to design an electronics unit for a specific rocket design.

This kit functions similarly to a protoboard, but has optimized the placement and connection of common components found across most rocket electronics units, such as data-logging systems, audio buzzers, power control, microcontrollers, and sensors, while being designed specifically for integration in a rocket. Usage of this board can also be easily modified between flights, where sensors and microcontrollers can be easily swapped and reconfigured.

This kit is designed to be a modular system able to support unique flight computer designs for hobbyist scale rocketry. While this system might not be an optimized, low form factor solution for advanced launch vehicle avionics like other market options, this unit is more suited for educational and experimentation purposes, providing a helpful experience to help those that are newer to rocketry electronics gain some experience that can help them grow as a rocketeer and an engineer.


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Supporting Documents

There is a user guide for the Sader Aerospace Eden 3 Flight Computer Development Kit that can assist with understanding the electronics involved.

There is also a 3D model of the assembled electronics in STEP format. This model can be used in 3D modeled designs where Eden 3 might be used in combination with other custom parts.